Addison Community Athletics Foundation

The Addison Community Athletics Foundation (ACAF) is a supporting organization of the Vermont Community Foundation. It was established in 2012 to promote athletics and healthful behaviors throughout the region by supporting tennis and other health education programs for youth and adults. ACAF's mission also complements the Community Foundation’s broader health, well-being, and nutrition goals for the state.

About ACAF

In October of 2014, David and Eleanor Ignat donated the Middlebury Indoor Tennis facility to the Addison Community Athletics Foundation to own, manage, and support as a nonprofit organization. David and Eleanor opened the facility in April of 2001 and have been operating it since that time. They have volunteered to continue to help with day-to-day operations and will also serve on the ACAF Board of Directors as president and vice president respectively. Learn more about Middlebury Indoor Tennis and read the current newsletter.

In late 2015, ACAF hired Erin Morrison as a part-time program coordinator for Middlebury Indoor Tennis. She will oversee current programs and will lead efforts to expand programming for youth and others in the community. Learn more about Erin in the full release.