Make the Most of Your Giving

Establish a Fund With Us

There are many options available when considering your charitable giving. Among them are a donor advised fund, a charitable gift annuity, or charitable remainder trust. We can help choose the right fund.

"The Community Foundation created a personalized solution for us, and we are happy to know that the causes we care about will continue to be supported for generations to come."

- Bruce and Mei Mei Brown, Fundholders

A Better Choice

A donor advised fund typically offers the benefits of a private foundation at a lower cost. And it's an easy and exciting way for you to address the issues you care about!

We invite you to review this useful comparison chart to help answer some basic questions about establishing a fund at a Community Foundation versus setting up a private foundation. 

Learn more about the fund that Kevin Pearce, pictured above, and his family established at the Foundation. 

What Will Your Legacy Be?

If you are not able to make a substantial gift to charity now but want to leave something for Vermont, you may want to consider including the Community Foundation in your will or living trust. You can leave a stated dollar amount, a property, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries.

"I hope that my little story of giving will help people think about how they can make a difference."

- Marilyn Moulton, Fundholder

Give Now – Help Vermont

Give Now – Help Vermont

We invite you to learn about the issue areas where the Community Foundation and our partners are currently focusing philanthropic resources. You can make a donation to any of these funds right now and make a difference.

"One of the strengths of a community foundation is the ability to understand changing community needs over time and work with our partners to address them."

- Stuart Comstock-Gay, VCF President & CEO

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