ACAF partners with other organizations to bring top notch workshops for the public to participate in.  Many of our workshops focus on working with youth and sports and ways to build a positive environment for individuals to participate in. Below you will find workshops and trainings hosted by ACAF and others in the community. 

Tennis In-Service for Teachers and Instructors

A free, three hour training run by your local USTA Tennis Service Representative and ACAF. Attendees will learn how to teach tennis in their classes for kids of all ages and abilities. The workshop focuses on how to implement tennis in non-traditional locations such as cafeteria, parking lot, or indoor gym.  It also covers how to use appropriate skill and age related equipment.  Participants can also expect to learn classroom management strategies and how to implement interactive games that help kids play cooperatively. 

To schedule an in-service training for your staff, contact Erin Morrison at

USTA 10 and Under Workshop

10 and Under Tennis Workshop prepares coaches, instructors and parents to give players an exceptional tennis experience and keep them coming back. Click here to participate in a workshop near you.

ACAF Volunteer Training

Our volunteer training helps prepare volunteers to lead youth and adult tennis, school tennis programs, and a number of other programs and initiatives. Volunteer trainings are held periodically throughout the year.  To serve as a volunteer or find out more information, contact Erin Morrison at