Meet Our Staff

Office of the President

Dan Smith

President & CEO
Email Dan
802-388-3355 ext. 223



For media inquiries or information about publications.

  Paige Pierson  
Felipe Rivera

Chief of Staff & Vice President for Strategy and Communications
Email Felipe
802-388-3355 ext. 243

  Paige Pierson
Senior Communications Manager
Email Paige
802-388-3355 ext. 246

  Zoe Pike
Communications Associate
Email Zoe
802-388-3355 ext. 285

Community Philanthropy

For questions about establishing a fund with the Community Foundation.

Pat Berry
Patrick H. Berry
Vice President for Philanthropy
Email Patrick
802-388-3355 ext. 248

Emilye Pelow Corbett, CAP®
Philanthropic and Planned Giving Advisor 
Email Emilye
802-388-3355 ext. 230


Stacie Fagan
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Email Stacie
802-388-3355 ext. 252

Jane Kimble
Philanthropy Associate
Email Jane
802-388-3355 ext. 286

  Elisabeth Marx
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Email Elisabeth
802-388-3355 ext. 241
  Martha Trombley Oakes, CAP®
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Email Martha
802-388-3355 ext. 225

Grants and Community Investments

For questions about our grantmaking or nonprofit capacity-building services.

Celia Cadwell
Program and Grants Specialist
Email Celia
802-388-3355 ext. 222
  Kim Haigis
Program and Grants Associate
Email Kim
802-388-3355 ext. 244

  Chelsea Bardot Lewis
Senior Philanthropic Advisor
Email Chelsea
802-388-3355 ext. 295

Sarah Waring
Vice President for Grants and Community Investments
Email Sarah
802-388-3355 ext. 283

Carolyn Weir, CAP® 
Senior Philanthropic Advisor for the McClure Foundation & Program and Grants
Email Carolyn
802-388-3355 ext. 239


Kevin Wiberg
Philanthropic Advisor for Community Engagement
Email Kevin
802-388-3355 ext. 284

Finance and Operations

For questions about accounting, finance, fund administration, grant checks, and fund distributions.

Lydia Brownell  
Lydia Brownell
Senior Fund and Contract Manager
Email Lydia
802-388-3355 ext. 227
  Hannah Deming
Email Hannah
802-388-3355 ext. 271
  Lori Hancock
Assistant Controller
Email Lori
802-388-3355 ext. 231
Maria Hoaglund
Human Resource Manager
Email Maria
802-388-3355 ext. 226
  Laurie Lowy
Email Laurie
802-388-3355 ext. 237

  Janet Malcolm
Grants Specialist
Email Janet
802-388-3355 ext. 233
David Morrissey
Email David
802-388-3355 ext. 228
  Debbie Rooney
CFO and VP for Finance & Operations
Email Debbie
802-388-3355 ext. 229
  Richard Ruane
Information Systems Manager
Email Richard
802-388-3355 ext. 232

The Vermont Women’s Fund

A component fund of the Community Foundation. For questions, please contact:

Meg Smith
Email Meg
802-388-3355 ext. 301

High Meadows Fund

A supporting organization of the Community Foundation. For questions, please contact:

Gaye Symington
Email Gaye
802-388-3355 ext. 381
  Will Lathrop
Environmental Philanthropy Associate
Email Will
802-388-3355 ext. 382  
  Nina McDonnell 
Grants Administrator
Email Nina
802-388-3355 ext. 383

Betsy Hands
Program Officer
Email Betsy
802-388-3355 ext. 381

Addison Community Athletics Foundation

A supporting organization of the Community Foundation. For questions, please contact:

Erin Morrison
Program and Communications Manager
Email Erin

The Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children

A supporting organization of the Vermont Community Foundation.To learn about their staff, visit their website or the site of one of their programs. 


The Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children
Visit their website


Let's Grow Kids
Visit their website

Vermont Birth-to-Five
Visit their website