Our Mission

The Vermont Community Foundation is committed to building philanthropic resources that will sustain healthy and vital Vermont communities now and into the future. We are guided in our work by a Values Statement, an Ends Statement, and a Vision Statement, which together reflect the mission of our organization.

The highlights of the Values Statement and Ends Statement are noted below, and we invite you to read both statements in their entirety.

Our Values Statement - Highlights

The Foundation believes that communities are healthy and vital when:

  • They have the capacity to succeed.
  • They are welcoming to all and community members support and care for one another.
  • They are sustainable.

Our Ends Statement - Highlights

The Foundation helps to build philanthropic resources to sustain healthy and vital Vermont communities in which:

  • Vermont-focused philanthropists have the knowledge, skills, and means to make the most of their charitable giving.
  • Growing charitable capital promotes social, environmental, and economic health.

Our Vision Statement

Philanthropy that shapes the future of Vermont by:

  • Helping people find and fund the causes they love.
  • Building strong communities.
  • Leading with bold solutions.