Our Values Statement

The Vermont Community Foundation's board of directors believes that communities are healthy and vital when:
  1. Community members are connected to each other.
  2. The community has an identity and a clear vision of what it wants to be.
  3. Members come together to discuss and solve problems.
  4. The community has opportunities and places to gather and celebrate.
  5. High levels of civic engagement exist.
  6. Community members have the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve personal growth and satisfaction and contribute to the community.
  1. Members assume responsibility for one another and ensure that all are nourished, sheltered, safe, and cared for.
  2.  All community members are respected and respectful.
  3. The community’s children live in a safe, supportive environment and have a healthy start, ongoing relationships with caring adults, a high-quality education, and opportunities for meaningful work – including service to their community.
  1. Communities thrive economically.
  2. Communities offer jobs with working conditions that are safe and respectful, and that allow people to care and provide for themselves and their families.
  3. Working lands and communities are recognized as interdependent.
  4. Natural and agricultural resources and cultural heritage are valued, protected and conserved.
  5. Arts and humanities flourish.