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Con Hogan: Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Community-Focused

Posted by: Stuart Comstock-Gay on 7/21/2015

In our work, we meet lots of creative and inspiring people, and there are few people in Vermont who are as creative and inspiring as Con Hogan. That’s why we’re so happy to be helping with the establishment of the Con Hogan Award for Creative, Entrepreneurial, and Community Leadership. 

Read more about the award here.

Con has served the state of Vermont in so many varied ways—it’s hard to know where to start.  He’s been a businessman, Secretary of Vermont’s Agency of Human Services, and Vermont’s Corrections Commissioner; he serves on the boards of Green Mountain Care, the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and the Permanent Fund; he has served nationally with the Annie Casey Foundation, the National Governor’s Association, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation—breathe!—and, finally, if you thought that wasn’t enough, he has even written a number of books about Vermont.

And yes, he did serve on the board of the Vermont Community Foundation. 

But perhaps most important of all is the strong connection Con has forged with everyone he has worked with. I find that all I need to do is mention his name to anyone who knows him, and it elicits genuine happiness and admiration without fail. Part of that has to do with his accomplishments, sure, but another part of it has to do with the fact that he is a good man—a kind man who is never shy about offering praise when people do good work.  I’m honored to serve with him now on the board of the Permanent Fund, and I'm lucky to consider him a friend.

That’s why I love the Con Hogan Award. It’s a simple idea: a $15,000 prize to an individual who embodies a commitment to the public good, a belief in data and results, and a willingness to take on hard jobs—Con’s best characteristics. (The deadline for nominations, by the way, is coming soon—it’s July 31st). We’ll be celebrating the winner—and Con—at an event at the College of Fine Arts in October. I hope you’ll join us.

Like I say, we meet lots of creative and inspiring people in our work, and there are a few who are as creative and inspiring as Con. With this award, we hope to find and honor them.

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