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Discovering Opportunity

Posted by: Kevin Wiberg on 7/27/2017

I’m on the tail end of the baby boomer generation. I had a stay at home mom, a dad with a professional job with great benefits and stock options, and college was an expectation. My parents bought their first home when I was two or three years old. We always had a working car, and eventually two; I would inherit the old one when my parents would buy a brand new vehicle every five years or so. My parents were always frugal (no Levi’s, Disney vacations, or color TV) and after raising three children, they settled into a safe, comfortable retirement. One thing was for sure: my two sisters and I always had opportunity. And in our youth, we probably took most of what we had for granted.

My Mensa-smart sister went into computer programming and my kind, nurturing sister chose pediatric nursing. I followed a career path in nonprofit fundraising primarily for anti-poverty organizations.

For years I’ve been aware of The Vermont Community Foundation’s impactful grant programs and initiatives. I even secured Community Foundation funding to support low-income Vermonters in their quest for a better life for themselves and their children. So, when the chance came to join the Community Foundation’s Grants and Community Investment team, I jumped.

The promise of helping low-income Vermonters connect with the resources that will help them foster their own growth and success inspires me. Imagine a Vermont where all children have access to quality early care, where youth transition with a sense of purpose from high school to training or college, where workers have access to the training they need to secure livable wage employment, and where families can afford housing without sacrificing other basic needs. Imagine a Vermont with a diverse, booming economy supported by a pristine environment and robust agriculture and forestry enterprises, and one that attracts and retains young entrepreneurs.

This is an awesome time to be part of the Community Foundation and I’m most excited to engage with Vermonters around the state. Together we will uncover community challenges and strengths, and most importantly, we’ll discover opportunity.

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