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Vermont Community Foundation staff share thoughts on giving & community.
Posted by: Carolyn Weir on 1/31/2020 | 0 Comments
Vermont has long recognized that demographic and economic trends make workforce development a key challenge—and the Community Foundation has long recognized that making the education and training pathways to good jobs more accessible, more visible, and more affordable is a key strategy for closing Vermont’s opportunity gap. It’s easy to draw the line between investing in career training and helping to close opportunity gaps in Vermont. It’s not as easy to figure out how to thoughtfully fund this issue in ways that lead to equitable and impactful outcomes.
Posted by: Carolyn Weir on 1/15/2020 | 0 Comments
The image most of us have of a college student—the quintessential 18-22-year-old living the idyllic college life—needs updating. According to new data from Advance Vermont, today’s Vermont students are juggling work, family and other life responsibilities like no generation before them. Twenty-five percent are parents. Over a third experience food or housing insecurity. Over half commute and 28% attend online. This requires a reckoning on the part of college and career training systems whose ethos and services are primarily designed to meet the needs of those 18-22-year-old full-time students.