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This is a space where Foundation staff share their thoughts and musings on giving and community:

Vermont Community Foundation staff share thoughts on giving & community.
Posted by: Stuart Comstock-Gay on 11/12/2012 | 0 Comments

Congratulations to the community foundation field—99 years old this year. It’s community foundation week right now (yes, there really is such a thing) and I’d like to raise a glass to this work. For me, if it’s not already clear, let me say it here—I’m a big fan. 

Posted by: Stuart Comstock-Gay on 11/5/2012 | 0 Comments

Fourteen months ago, we had no idea what was about to come. And I’m not talking just about Tropical Storm Irene. What blindsided us wasn’t the wallop of the storm, though that is true, too. No, what stunned us equally was the absolutely overwhelming support that Vermont received from every corner of this country. Money, yes. But volunteers and in-kind contributions of every conceivable form. I don’t need to tell all those stories again – they’ve been told over and over – in this video and in many other places.