High Meadows Fund

About the High Meadows Fund

The mission of the High Meadows Fund, a supporting organization of the Vermont Community Foundation, is to promote vibrant communities and a healthy natural environment while encouraging long-term economic vitality in Vermont.

Climate disruption threatens Vermont's communities and working landscape. It is urgent Vermonters address it head-on by both lowering their contribution to a warming planet and adapting to the changes already underway. High Meadows applies this sense of urgency in three areas of focus:

    • Land Use: Encouraging working farms and forests, compact settlements, and watershed land use that protects communities, soil, and water quality.
  • Clean and Efficient Energy: Lowering fossil fuel use, especially in homes of low income Vermonters.
  • Farm, Food, and Forest Enterprises:
    Promoting vibrant enterprises as well as healthy ecosystems.

The High Meadows Fund does its work through charitable grantmaking, research, convenings, direct engagement of staff, and investing for mission impact. The High Meadows Fund particularly values social and marketplace innovation and collaboration.

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Building Resilience in Vermont's Watersheds

In July, 2015, the High Meadows Fund committed $249,000 to promote planning and action in six Vermont watersheds. Through this initiative, High Meadows hoped to encourage communities to work together to change land use in ways that protect people, farms, homes, roads, and water quality, not just in their own town, but also upstream and downstream.

The video below offers an overview of the initiative.

What is a Supporting Organization?

High Meadows Fund Staff and Board - 2016.

A supporting organization offers donors an effective alternative to a private foundation. The Community Foundation staff provides these donors with a wide range of services: from managing proposal processes to tax reporting to helping develop grantmaking strategies. This helps the donors focus on making their giving more meaningful, effective, and enjoyable.