The Northeast Kingdom Fund

The Northeast Kingdom Fund is a permanent philanthropic resource that makes annual grant awards to support the people and communities of Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans Counties. The Fund was established in 2011 by the Community Foundation and local partners with the strong belief that this region exemplifies the best of Vermonters’ aspirations for their communities, and through its annual grantmaking, offers opportunities for people in the Kingdom to help each other.

For the Kingdom, By the Kingdom

Kids with blueberries

More than 65 nonprofits, municipalities, and schools in the region have received grants from the Fund since 2012. A committee of local residents carefully reviews all proposals and chooses the grant recipients. This is the philanthropic equivalent of the “buy local” movement—philanthropy for the Kingdom and by the Kingdom.  In most cases, grants are awarded to small-scale projects where a modest philanthropic investment makes a big difference.  In some cases, more established organizations are also included in the awards.  In all cases, grantees must demonstrate that their projects are led by Kingdom residents and support people living in the three counties.

The fund’s assets are invested by the Foundation to support the region’s current needs while providing resources for future generations to address emerging needs. Five percent of these assets are invested in Vermont, including the Northeast Kingdom.


Since 2012, the Northeast Kingdom Fund has awarded more than 165 grants totaling over $446,000 to support projects in Orleans, Essex, and Caledonia counties, ranging from launching a resident-supported food pantry in a subsidized apartment complex to outdoor recreation and nutrition programs for local children.

How Can I Give to the Fund?

We offer a great deal of flexibility. Gifts of cash, appreciated securities, real estate, or other tangible property will be gratefully accepted to build the capacity of the Northeast Kingdom Fund.

The fund is designed to be a permanent resource for the region, so you may want to consider making a bequest, setting up a charitable gift annuity, or naming the Northeast Kingdom Fund as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. We can work with you to determine the most advantageous giving plan for your situation.

You can also donate to the fund online at our Give Now page.