Vermont’s Nonprofit Sector Report

Vermont’s Nonprofit Sector, originally released in December 2010, provides an in-depth look at the nonprofit sector—its scope, its challenges, and its opportunities—as seen by Vermonters and our state's nonprofit leaders. It was made possible by the generous contributors to the Community Foundation’s Philanthropic Leadership Fund. 

Survey Results
The majority of the data in Vermont’s Nonprofit Sector was collected via two statewide surveys conducted by the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont in the summer of 2010. The first survey of over 800 individuals throughout Vermont sampled Vermonters’ perceptions of the nonprofit sector. The second survey of nearly 500 nonprofit leaders around the state, investigated the collective outlook of Vermont’s nonprofit sector in the face of new, economic challenges.

The following files provide an in-depth look at the responses collected from these surveys. If you are interested in doing your own analysis, please contact us to request the full data sets.

Vermonters’ Perceptions of the Vermont Nonprofit Sector
Nonprofit Executives’ Perceptions of the Vermont Nonprofit Sector

Read or download the report. PDF [1 MB]

Other Resources
Please visit our Nonprofit Resources page for other information, read some web extras regarding the Nonprofit Sector report, or learn more about our Philanthropic Leadership Fund, which provided funding for this report.