Remembering Senator Gannett

The following is an excerpt from a blog post written in September 2012 by David G. Rahr, founding president of the Vermont Community Foundation:

“Senator Robert T. Gannett died last week—a month shy of his 95th birthday. A legendary Vermont legislator, respected attorney, and community leader, he will be greatly missed by his friends at the Community Foundation, where he was one of 14 founding directors from across the state. Bob epitomized the character and steadfast commitment of all the founding directors. He and his wonderful wife, Aldie, set up their own fund to be among the first to demonstrate the power and joy of giving through a community foundation. As a savvy lawyer, wise in the ways of taxation and estate planning, Bob was a tireless and effective advocate. And as a trustee of private foundations and trusts, Bob was also a clever and strategic grantmaker.

Bob Gannett was one of the bold, visionary founders whose integrity, common sense, and good will showed us the way.”