The Samara Fund

The Samara Fund's mission is to help create a vibrant Vermont LGBTQ community and ensure that LGBTQ Vermonters are connected, healthy, appreciated, safe, and empowered.

The Samara Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation is named for the symbolism of seeds and growth, new life and vitality, the continuity of life, and of Vermont's native sugar maples. Samara is the distinctive winged fruit of the maple tree that gently spins its way to earth. Just as the samara ensures continuity of the maple tree, the fund fosters and sustains Vermont's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities by providing support for projects and scholarships and establishing a permanent resource for the future.

The fund can help:

  • individuals and families with who want to support LGBTQ causes both now and into the future
  • nonprofit organizations that benefit the LGBTQ community by providing grants to help meet and sustain their missions

Together, we have the power to create a legacy for Vermont's LGBTQ community.

The Samara Fund Advisory Committee

  • Vini KD Emery, Montpelier
  • Marcos Stafne, White River Junction
  • Kate Jerman, Burlington
  • Carol Maloney, Middlesex
  • Richard M. Wizansky, Guilford