Samara Fund Benefactors’ Circle

"Samara became part of our philanthropy plan because we want young people to know they have resources and support, especially as they explore justice and identity. We want to help Samara build a strong financial base, so that the foundation can give more and larger awards and have increasing impact on the community."

- Jan Donley & Diane Felicio, Massachusetts

Individuals who make the decision to include the Samara Fund in their will or estate plans are added to the Samara Fund Benefactors' Circle. These individuals join our founding benefactors in having "the vision and courage to commit today so others may benefit tomorrow."

Founding Benefactors:

  • *Robert Mundstock
  • *Douglas C. Howe
  • Douglas C. Howe and Frank E. Shivers Trust

Benefactors' Circle:

  • Richard Alther, Ferrisburgh
  • Paula Baker & Jane Quigley, Wallingford
  • Euan Bear & Mary L. Schwartz, Bakersfield
  • Eileen Blackwood & Lynn Goyette, Williston
  • *Bob Bland, Vershire
  • Joseph Bocchino & Brian Besser, West Topsham
  • Tim Bourne, Hinesburg
  • Karen E. & Linda A. Carman-Reid, Arlington
  • Mary Clark & Christy Pittman Clark, Woodbury
  • John Crane, White River Junction
  • Debra Day, Grand Isle
  • *Edith Deck, Weybridge
  • Jan Donley & Diane Felicio, Massachusetts
  • Bart Evans & Richard Vega, Brattleboro
  • Russell Fellows, Underhill
  • Patricia Fontaine, Shelburne
  • *Jim Gerard & *Richard Slappey, California
  • Merl Grossmeyer & Jerrold Packard, Burlington
  • Alison Hannan, Guilford
  • Sarah Harrington, Richmond
  • Raymond Huessy, Putney
  • *Peter Jennison, Taftsville
  • David Landers, Williston
  • Edward R. Langlois & Robert L. Keith, Vergennes
  • Bill Lippert, Hinesburg
  • *Mary Alice Lippert, Pennsylvnaia
  • *Joanna W. & William J. Lippert, Pennsylvania
  • Linda Markin, Hardwick
  • *Bill McBroom, Texas
  • Ken McCormick & Peter Jensvold, Morrisville
  • James Morgan, Colchester
  • Helen Morrison, Cabot
  • Roland Palmer, Hinesburg
  • David Ryan, Burlington
  • Mary Alice Schatzle, South Burlington
  • Susan Schein, Burlington
  • Richard Wizansky & Todd Mandell, Guilford
  • Suzi Wizowaty & Joan Robinson, Burlington
  • Anonymous (5)

 * deceased

We welcome and encourage interested people in our communities to join Samara's Benefactors' Circle. Have you included the Samara Fund in your will or estate plan, but haven't told Samara? Please let us know. We would like to acknowledge you in our Benefactors' Circle or you can remain anonymous if that best suits your personal situation. 

If you are interested in joining the Samara Benefactors Circle, please contact Richard Wizansky, advisory committee chair for the Samara Fund, at