Vermont Arts Endowment Fund

Although many grant programs at the Vermont Community Foundation include support of the arts as part of its mission, the Vermont Arts Endowment Fund and the Concert Artists Fund are exclusively dedicated to supporting the arts.

The Vermont Arts Endowment Fund was established in 1990 through a generous gift from an anonymous Vermonter and a matching grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The fund was created for the specific purpose of supporting arts organizations and artists in Vermont and to support and encourage them in sharing their work with their communities. In 2005, the Concert Artists Fund was created from the estate of Charles Goetz to support performances of classical music in Chittenden County.

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The Vermont Arts Endowment Fund

The Vermont Arts Endowment Fund focuses its grantmaking on the creation and presentation of new work by Vermont artists and arts organizations.

Grants are typically made in the fields of dance; theater; music composition and performance; creative writing, including poetry, short stories, novels, and plays; sculpture; painting; photography; and film, although work in other media may also be eligible. Craft production is typically not supported by the fund. If you have questions about what the fund will and will not support, please contact us.

Individual artists and arts organizations presenting the work of Vermont artists are eligible to apply. Organizations can include galleries, theater companies, choruses, musical ensembles, festivals, and presenting organizations. Individual artists can apply for their own work, or on behalf of an informal ensemble or artists collaborative, i.e. for a group of musicians, theater artists, or dancers.

Applications to the Vermont Arts Endowment Fund will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Quality of the artist's or organization’s work (as demonstrated in work samples)
  • Capacity of the organization or artist to carry out the project for which funds are requested
  • Clear plan to ensure that the work will be seen, read, or heard by a broad range of Vermont audiences
  • Reasonable and appropriate budget and demonstrated ability to raise the funds needed for the project

 Click here to read about the 2018 grant awards for more ideas of what we fund.

The Vermont Arts Endowment Fund will not support:

  • Arts education programs *
  • Art for religious purposes
  • Capital campaigns or debt reduction
  • Expenses that have already been incurred
  • Events that occur before grants are awarded (July 2020)

*A note on art education programs: the Vermont Community Foundation recognizes that art education programs for youth and adults are a critical component of the life-long learning that helps create healthy and vital Vermont communities. The Foundation will consider art education programs through a number of grant programs, including Spark! Connecting Community and many of our regional programs such as the Walter Cerf Fund, the Green Mountain Fund, and the Northeast Kingdom Fund. 

Who May Apply

Both individual artists and arts organizations may apply to the Vermont Arts Endowment Fund.

Grants to individual artists can be paid directly to the artist or can be paid to a fiscal sponsor. Any grant income received by an individual artist will be reported on a 1099 form, which will be sent to the artist in January of the year following the award.

Grants to organizations must be paid to a 501(c)(3) organization, town or municipality, church, or public school. If your organization does not have 501(c)(3) status, you may be able to use a fiscal sponsor that has a mission supported by your project. Your fiscal sponsor must sign an agreement that you submit with your application to confirm its understanding of the fiscal and programmatic responsibility it accepts when it agrees to be a fiscal sponsor for your organization. 

Read the fiscal sponsor agreement. If you are awarded a grant by the Community Foundation, the grant check is made payable to the fiscal sponsor. All grant reports must be approved by your fiscal sponsor. Some organizations charge a fee to be a fiscal sponsor. The Vermont Community Foundation cannot act as a fiscal sponsor or provide one for you. 

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity (as defined in paragraph 249(c)(4) of title 18, United States Code), sexual orientation, marital or parental status, political affiliation, military service, physical or mental ability be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity funded in whole or in part with funds made available (meaning any funds having a competitive application process) by the Vermont Community Foundation, and any other program or activity funded in whole or in part with funds appropriated for grants, cooperative agreements, and other assistance administered by the Foundation. 

Grant applicants must employ staff and provide services without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity (as defined in paragraph 249(c)(4) of title 18, United States Code), sexual orientation, marital or parental status, political affiliation, military service, physical or mental ability.

Grant Size

Grants from the Vermont Arts Endowment Fund generally fall in the range of $500 to $5,000. Partial funding may be considered. The average grant award is approximately $2,500.

Deadline and Notification

Applications for this year’s grant cycle of the Vermont Arts Endowment Fund must be submitted using our Online Grants Manager by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 5, 2020. No late applications will be accepted. New notification date: Applicants will be notified of the results of their application in mid July 2020.


Applications must be submitted electronically via our Online Grants Manager. Visit our Online Grants Center to learn how to use the Grants Manager, including accessing your existing account or registering for the first time.

You may click here to preview the application questions.

Important notes: 

  • If you are creating a new account as an individual artist, please enter 00-0000000 as your EIN / Tax Identification Number. If you are using a fiscal sponsor, please do not enter their EIN / Tax Identification Number. For any questions, please contact Celia Cadwell at
  • By submitting your application to the Vermont Community Foundation, you give us permission to share your application with other interested funders (if any), both individuals and foundations.

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