Community and Economic Vitality Fund


In Vermont, we value our natural and social capital: small towns, beautiful working landscapes, civic engagement, and cultural connections. And these all go hand in hand with a strong and emerging economy. It is for this reason that we believe focusing jointly on community and economic vitality is a strategy that will build a Vermont where all Vermonters can reach their best. Whether in a small town or a larger region, we know volunteer time and commitment can change the lives of neighbors, and entrepreneurship and workforce development can boost the economy. We also know that the self-determination of Vermonters is of critical community value.

The Foundation uses a number of tools to support this work—from thought partners in the nonprofit sector to our Vermont Investments program to strategic place-based grantmaking. One of our key partners in this area is the High Meadows Fund, a supporting organization of the Foundation whose mission is to promote vibrant communities and a healthy natural environment, while encouraging long-term economic vitality. Their strategic grantmaking focuses specifically on land use, farm, food and forest enterprises, clean energy, and market-based solutions.

A gift to the Community and Economic Vitality Fund will help support the resources, programming, and technical assistance needed to create place-based solutions for Vermonters that provide hope, connection, meaning, and success.