Early Care and Learning Fund


The first years of any person’s life are critical for cognitive and emotional development and can help drive success in school, career, and life. Early care and education for an individual can lead to fewer behavioral and academic challenges at school and reduce involvement in the criminal justice system. As a society, when we invest in early care, people are more likely to gain and maintain employment and make consistent positive contributions to their communities.

The Community Foundation believes early care and learning is a critical need for Vermont, and that philanthropic leadership can help advance ongoing high-quality early care outside of the home and develop creative solutions for equitable and affordable access for all families. Let’s Grow Kids, one of our supporting organizations, is leading the charge specifically in the realm of high-quality and affordable child care and has emerged as national leader on the issue.

We work together with Let’s Grow Kids, and a contribution to the Early Care and Learning Fund provides resources for the Foundation’s flexible grantmaking focused on young children, their families, and the people who care for them.