Stand Up for Women in Vermont:
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Can you imagine if your gender barred you from voting?

Up until August 26, 1920, that was the reality our grandmothers and great-grandmothers faced. Despite the landmark legislation, this privilege was not extended to women of color until 1965, and there are constant reminders of the discrimination women continue to face daily—in the workplace, in entrepreneurship, or as demonstrated by the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on women and children. 

The women involved in the century-old suffrage movement never gave up on the fight for equality. In that same spirit, we seek your help today on behalf of women and girls in Vermont.

Support for 2nd Round of Grants

We know that women and their families are suffering because of the pandemic: lack of childcare and job loss tell only part of the story. But, we’ve also witnessed our Vermont community coming together to support one another. Organizations moved quickly to provide services virtually for individuals and families sheltering-at-home. Like our forebearers, they did not give up!

The need is tremendous and far-reaching, and substantial funding from the Vermont Women’s Fund is more essential than ever before. We are launching the 100-for-100 campaign to finance a special round of grants this fall to support Vermont women, and the organizations that serve them.

Your gift of $100 or more pays tribute to the past and paves the way to help the next generation.

Make your gift in one donation or over time through monthly donations of $5, $10, or more. We welcome donations that fit your financial position and passion for standing up for women and girls.

We cannot do this alone – we need you. Together, women in our state will rise and thrive!

Share Your 100-for-100 Story

We want to tell the stories of the women in your family who didn’t have voting rights, who raised their voices in suffrage marches, and who are activists today (including you). Please send us a photo of the woman you are honoring and one of yourself, and we will share it in our 100-for-100 communications. And follow #VWF100for100 @vtwomensfund.

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