Our Grantmaking

The mission of the Vermont Women’s Fund is to help all Vermont women and girls to rise and thrive. Economic security, or the ability to support yourself and your family, is critical to that equation—for individual women and ultimately for the health of our communities.

We strive with our grantmaking to ensure there are resources and opportunities available for women and girls to understand the value of self-reliance and to learn what it takes to achieve that kind of stability. We know that isn’t just about learning to balance a check book—though this is critical and not taught enough.

We believe that the path to economic security begins with what you expect is possible. Which is why we are looking to fund work that catches young women and girls at a moment of transition and lights a spark—one that expands their horizons and amplifies the possibility of self-actualization and well-being. Read about our 2017 Grantees.

How to apply