Melanie's Story

Abuse, poverty, addiction. These were a part of her life for many years. Graduating from high school in the traditional way wasn't an option for Melanie, but with the help of the Rutland Region Workforce Investment Board's Three Steps Forward program, she earned her high school diploma, enrolled in the Community College of Vermont, and is working toward her degree. 

The Women's Fund awarded a multi-year grant to pilot Three Steps Forward--a program supporting at-risk women in the Rutland area--as part of its statewide strategy to empower young women and girls from ages 15-25.

Melanie is very grateful for the program and is determined to create a positive life for her young family. She also knows there will be many challenges ahead. This fall, she will be co-facilitator with Three Steps Forward and says, "I'm extremely committed to helping others, and I rely every day on my deep faith in God to bring me strength and make the world a better place."