Financials and Investments

The Foundation invests its assets to support the community’s current needs while providing resources for future generations to address emerging needs. We use a well-diversified asset allocation strategy, executed through highly capable investment managers and index funds.

The Foundation ensures investment oversight by meeting regularly with our investment committee, which is made up of members with experience in business and finance.

More than a decade ago, the Foundation’s board and staff realized that if grants were helping to make the state more healthy and vibrant, so could local investments. So in 2001, we began investing 5% of our investments directly in Vermont companies and organizations. We were one of the first community foundations to put a portion of our total assets to work in ways that help achieve our mission. Interest in these mission-related investments or impact investments is growing rapidly and because of our longstanding involvement, we are often asked to share our experiences with others. In 2013, we helped develop the Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing, now used by community foundations across the country.