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A Keynote and Panel Discussion with Richard Reeves

 On April 4 & 5, 2024 Richard Reeves, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and President of the American Institute for Boys and Men, visited Vermont for a series of events on the declining enrollment of young men in post-secondary education.

The panel discussion above was held at the Community College of Vermont (CCV). Facilitated by CCV President Joyce Judy, additional guests included Ken Cadow (Vermont author & high school principal), Ted Castle (president of Rhino Foods), and Sara Vargo (assistant director of the Vermont GEAR UP Program). A follow-up to Reeves's Thursday evening keynote at UVM the prior evening, the panel allowed the group to take a deeper dive into the challenges facing young men and the search for inclusive, community-driven solutions.

During the two-day event Reeves showed how declining male enrollment in education impacts not only individual lives but also the overall health and economic stability of the community. Reeves examined potential reasons behind these trends and discussed the need for solutions that support both men and boys while continuing to advocate for the needs of women and girls. The conversation aimed to foster a balanced approach to social and educational reforms, ensuring a stronger, united community in Vermont and beyond.

 Watch the Keynote