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Belonging in Vermont: Giving to create communities for all

In 2020, the Vermont Community Foundation re-committed to answering the question, “What role does philanthropy play in creating a sense of belonging for all Vermonters—and specifically—BIPOC Vermonters?" This event featured some of the partners we’ve worked with to discuss how philanthropy can help create a resilient and equitable Vermont for all current and future residents.

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"Lessons from the Crisis: Next Steps for College and Career Training" Webinar

In 2020, the Community Foundation and its partners granted more than $3.4 million to college and career training initiatives, which boosted enrollment at a time when enrollment nationally was in decline and provided a valuable framework for pandemic-era public policy. This event featured a discussion on how grantmakers can support college and career training in ways that drive more equity and resilience in Vermont.

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2020 Mercy Connections
"A Year of Pandemic" Webinar

It has been a year that strains comparisons. Communities have been tested like rarely before, but the resilience and kindness of Vermonters shines as bright as ever. This event featured sharing and discussion about the impact of the VT COVID-19 Response Fund, how giving can help Vermont recover and rebuild in the year ahead, and what lessons philanthropy needs to carry forward.

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