VT COVID-19 Response Fund

The Vermont Community Foundation established the VT COVID-19 Response Fund to support nonprofits that are particularly equipped to address community impacts of the spread of COVID-19 in Vermont.

Working with state, federal, municipal, public health, and nonprofit leadership, the Community Foundation provides flexible resources to nonprofits working to address the most immediate public health and economic impacts of the disease, focusing on vulnerable populations and the service providers that support them.

The Fund offers donors the opportunity to be part of a coordinated response to the many effects of COVID-19 in Vermont. The Community Foundation and its partners have designed and implemented a dynamic grant-making strategy that is responsive to the rapidly changing situation.

This new fund and its grantmaking are designed to support both short-term response and longer-term recovery. Specific strategies include:

  • organizational and community efforts to reduce virus exposure and enhance health care access
  • sustaining critical programs and services to help vulnerable Vermonters meet their basic needs
  • economic and social strategies to build and sustain community resiliency

In order to disburse grant resources quickly, we are not hosting a formal application process at this time. Grants will be made on a rolling basis as our fundraising continues. 

Learn more at VTCOVID19Response.org