Current Grantees

Vermont Talent Pipeline Management

Vermont Business Roundtable

Funding for 2019-20

To support a demand-driven, employee-led workforce development approach to closing the skills gap in Vermont.

Vermont Adult Learning

YouthWorks VT

Funding for 2019-20

To pilot a YouthWorks VT program in Rutland County in partnership with Stafford Technical Center.

Vermont Technical College

Promoting Success through Comprehensive Financial Aid

Funding for 2019-20

To develop a braided, comprehensive financial aid approach that will help students achieve college and career success. Among current Vermont Tech students, 85% receive financial aid, 48% are Pell-eligible, and 46% are first-generation college students.

Castleton University

Early Childhood and Special Education Licensure and Childcare Center

Funding for 2019-20

To support the development of a new Bachelor of Arts program offering licensure in Early Childhood and Special Education, alongside the opening of a childcare center providing cooperative learning opportunities.

Advance Vermont

Funding for 2018-19

Funding to help Advance Vermont execute a communications and public affairs campaign to broaden the understanding of the importance of postsecondary education and college and career readiness, particularly among decision makers, prospective students, and parents.

Careers CLiC

Work-Based Learning for Students and Employers

Funding for 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20

McClure Foundation funds support Career CLiC in building a statewide work-based learning system that connects schools with employers to ensure Vermont youth are career-ready and achieve postsecondary success.

Community College of Vermont (CCV)

Secondary Outreach, including Introduction to College Studies Program Expansion

Funding for School Years 2008-09 through 2019-20

To engage 6-12th grade students in a continuum of programs from Middle School Access Days and Intro to College and Careers, to Dual Enrollment and Early College.

Community College of Vermont (CCV)

Occupational Credentialing Program Development

Funding for 2018-19 and 2019-20

Funding to support the development of occupational credentialing programs serving Vermonters who need targeted skills and credentials to move ahead in their careers.

Community College of Vermont

Veteran Student Services

Funding for 2010-11 through 2018-19

To support Veteran & Military services through which CCV provides specialized support, from admission through graduation, for veterans and those currently serving in the military and their families. 

Community College of Vermont

Prison to College Pathway

Funding for 2017-18 through 2019-2020

For the ReSET VT Program which provides access to career preparation and college courses for Northern State Correctional Facility offenders who have a high likelihood of having experienced poverty and of being first-generation college students. 

Governor's Institutes of Vermont


Funding for 2018-19

Funding to support scholarships that improve the access of young Vermonters in low-income families to the Institutes’ in-depth, hands-on programming that offers students pathways from curiosity into careers.

Most Promising Jobs Campaign and the Pathways to Promising Careers Resource

Funding for 2010-11 through 2019-20

The Most Promising Jobs Campaign is a statewide effort to promote the digital and print Pathways to Promising Careers Resource, which identifies the highest-paying, highest-demand jobs projected for Vermont and the educational requirements needed to obtain them. Created in partnership with the Vermont Department of Labor, the McClure Foundation’s “Pathways” resource identifies fifty-four careers expected to have at least 250 job openings over the next decade and pay above an hourly wage of $20. Well over 100,000 brochures featuring the jobs have been distributed to high schools, colleges, career counseling organizations, nonprofits, and libraries across the state. The website was beta tested with Vermont National Guard members prior to their return from Afghanistan in late 2010.

Northern Vermont University

Summer Bridge Program

Funding for 2016-17 through 2019-20

With funding from the McClure Foundation, Northern Vermont University – Lyndon and Johnson campuses are piloting a week-long Summer Bridge program that enhances the academic preparation, motivation, and retention of over 50 first-time, low-income, first-generation, and/or disabled students.

Vermont Afterschool

STEM pilot to bring Work-Based Learning to rural schools

Funding for 2017-18 through 2019-20

To increase access to meaningful expanded learning and work-based learning opportunities in rural communities by training high school students to delive STEM content to younger students in afterschool and summer learning programs.

Vermont Technical College


Funding for 2018-19 and 2019-20

Funding to provide scholarships for programs that engage and mentor middle and high school boys and girls in STEM disciplines and encourage them to continue with math and science into high school and college.