Let's Grow Kids

Let’s Grow Kids is a statewide organization leading a campaign to solve Vermont’s child care crisis because child care is the foundation of a healthy society and a resilient economy, but right now our child care system is failing Vermonters. 

3 out of 5 of Vermont’s youngest children don’t have access to the care they need, families can’t afford to pay for it, and early childhood educators can’t afford to stay in the field.

Until we invest in and create a child care system that meets the need, parents can’t work, employers can’t fill open positions, families can’t afford to stay in Vermont, and our economy will continue to decline.

In partnership with thousands of Vermonters we are solving this crisis together.

Leveraging philanthropy from generous Vermonters we are changing policy, mobilizing people, and innovating programs to create a child care system that centers equity, affordability, and quality so that children and their families can find and afford quality child care in their communities that meets their needs.  Together we are building a brighter future for Vermonters beginning with our children. To see the campaign’s impact in action view the 2022 Impact Report here and visit letsgrowkids.org to learn more.


Founded in 2000 by philanthropists Rick Davis and Carl Ferenbach (then called the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children), Let’s Grow Kids is a supporting organization of the Vermont Community Foundation.