Giving Together

Giving Together is our program that shares vetted grant proposals with our donor advised fundholders. We invite them to learn more about the exciting and promising work being done throughout the state and consider joining us in supporting this work.

A heartfelt thank you to the Community Foundation fundholders and partners who have supported the good work being done by nonprofit organizations throughout Vermont.

For those new to the Community Foundation, Giving Together is an opportunity to join other fundholders in supporting collaborative, community-based projects. Read this Q&A about Giving Together to learn more. 

Giving Together Fall 2023 - The Samara Fund

This Giving Together round features projects from across the state that align with the Samara Fund. To learn more about the Samara Fund’s core values, scroll down or visit the Samara Fund page to learn more about the funding priorities.

The Goal

We hope you will be inspired to contribute to the $15,500 goal, to match and combine with the Samara Fund’s $72,593 for a total investment of more than $88,000

Please join us in funding as many of these incredible projectsby and for LGBTQ+ communities across Vermontas possible.


How to Participate

Click here to log into DonorCentral and choose Samara Giving Together between Tuesday, September 19 through Tuesday, October 3 at 5 p.m. to make a grant. Please include “Samara Giving Together 2023” in the Grant Purpose field.

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If you need assistance

Reach out to your Philanthropic Advisor directly or through Jon Cocina at 802-388-3355 ext. 228 or [email protected]. Jon can help answer questions related to DonorCentral or connect you with your advisor.


The Samara Fund

The Samara Fund advisory committee recently updated their funding priorities, core values, and stated purpose to fund people, ideas, and small groups for the LGBTQ+ community in Vermont. We are thrilled to share the updated core values. The Samara Fund is:

  • Anti-racist and anti-oppressive by practicing intersectionality, power-shifting, and transformative justice both internally and externally. This includes being proudly trans-inclusive in every level of their work.
  • Transparent with their community and funders about how they work.
  • Queering fundraising and redistributing wealth for a bigger impact on the Vermont LGBTQ+ community.
  • Prioritizing accessibility, gratitude, and accountability while queering their work to make it fun, connective, and sustainable.

Please visit the Samara Fund page to learn more about the funding priorities.

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